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Hedge against market volatility with a diversified portfolio

Get direct access to institutional-quality real estate assets with greater transparency, lower fees, and a groundbreaking secondary market. Our cutting edge technology platform powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain will match the right investments for your needs and offer a technology landscape for you to adopt and timely dispose assets from your portfolio to help you hedge against market volatility.

Blockchain Technology

Streamline transaction processing and increase portfolio liquidity by leveraging Smart Contract technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Our real time personalized recommendation engine helps identification of the right investments for your needs and eliminate lengthy research on your part.

Multi-Asset Class Funds

With a single investment, build a fixed-income portfolio that's spread against multiple asset classes.

Unleashing the Potential of Global Real Estate Commerce

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, borders are fading away, creating new opportunities for investors, developers, and buyers alike.

The global market offers a vast landscape of diverse properties, from residential to commercial, ready to be discovered and leveraged for financial gain.Embracing the transformative capabilities of the Block/0 Platform, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to navigate the vast realm of global real estate commerce. This empowers us to unlock the boundless potential that lies within, fostering economic growth, cultivating thriving communities, and reshaping the way we live, work, and invest.

Now is the time to seize this remarkable opportunity and harness the power of global real estate commerce, propelling us into a future where the possibilities are limitless and boundaries no longer exist.

Rent Vs Buy Or Rent to Buy?

AI/AR/VR and Blockchain is powering the next generation real estate market.

Ability to visually inspect an international investment property from your bedroom to purchase and sale of a muti-assect class investment that spread across the globe with the push of a button is possible today.Is it time to divert you free cash away from the high priced market and embrase investment opportunities in upcoming market segments?

Our platform will offer you a comprehensive plan to progressively approach real estate ownership from your current state - all while headging againt raising inflation and exploding real estate pricing.

Why choose us?

Technology Advantage

Our state of the art technology platform decentralizes and encrypts data using blockchain. By leveraging digital tokens instead of fiat currency, Block/0 Platform offers a transparent, fast and low friction transactional ecosystem for our investors.

Market Focus

A portfolio that is diversified at both national and international scale is critical to offer high-resiliency business posture. Our ability to enact international property transactions using smart contracts makes international legalities a problem of the past.


We work backward from the customer and human touch approached backed by state of the art technology ecosystem make compliance, valuation, reporting, transaction validation and other traceability aspects simple and easy to digest.

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Mark Baker


Diversification was never easy. You are always guessing when is the right time to invest in a specific asset class and what kind of returns to expect. Block/0 Platform not only offer personalized recommendations based on my risk tolerance but also gives a forcasting ecosystem that allow me to visualize the best and worst case scenario to make informed decisions.

Rita Burmen


Rent Vs Buy is always an interesting topic and as somene who is less interested in exploring real estate market, Block/0 offers the right insight to develop a progressive path that allows one to grow from being a tenant to a real estate investor. What more? Well, if you are savy enough you could embraise real estate investing in the Metaverse too.

Stef Roy


Relyin Block/0 Platform is by far one of the best real estate investment platforms avaialble in the market. Loaded with technology advances, Block/0 makes real estate investing simple and fun.

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